Ball Mill

    • Product : Ball Mill (One Stage)

      Model : SH-BALL300-1

    • Jar holder 가 장착되어 있어 동작시 Jar 또는 Bottle 의 쏠림현상 방지
      DC 40W Motor 채용으로 내구성이 우수함
      디지털 타이머 장착으로 설정시간후 동작 중지및 Alarm 기능(기능선택 S/W 장착)
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    • Model SH-BALL300-1
      Drive Motor DC Geared Motor 40W
      R.P.M Controller Stepless Voltage Contoller
      R.P.M Range 0 to 300
      R.P.M & Accuracy ±1 R.P.M
      Time Range 00.00 to 99HR 59MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable Digital Counter
      Dimension External (WxDxH) 493×500×343(mm)
      Weight 31 Kg
      Dimension Rollerl Length, 70Φ 300(mm)×1stage
      Electrical Requirements 120V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ
      220V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ
      • -Automatic reset function incoming power cut
        -Buzzer on when set time arrived
      • -JAR holder
        -Single stage 2EA
        -Twin stage 4EA