Laminar Clean Bench

    • Product : Laminar Clean Bench

      Model : SH-HD-1900V

    • 우수한 Laminar 분포
      상/하부 분리구조로 이동성및 작업성 우수
      Glass Door Open 시 UV 자동차단
      Fan Motor 속도조절기능 (10Step)
      편리한 Filter 교체 및 alarm 기능
      공간활용이 우수한 Design
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    • Model SH-HD-1900V
      Type Laminar Vertical Down Flow
      Dimension Internal (WxDxH) 1891×613×690(mm)
      Dimension External (WxDxH) 1996×696×1820(mm)
      Weight 230 Kg
      Control System Microprocessor LCD Digital Controller
      Main Filter Hepa Filter 0.3μ 99.97% Efficiency Filter
      Material External Steel Plate with Power Heating Coated
      Working Table Stainless Steel
      Illumination FL Lamp 32W×1EA
      Illumination UV Lamp 32W×1EA
      UV Time Range 00.00 to 99HR 59 MIN (MIN SEC) Selectable LCD Counter
      Winding Velocity 0.2~2.3M/SEC, 10 Step Adjustable
      Purity Below to Class 100
      Door Type Tempered Glass by Weight Balance
      Electrical Requirements 120V,230V, 1Φ
      • -Fan motor over load Protection
        -Automatic reset function incoming power cut
        -Buzzer on and UV Lamp cut off when set time arrived
        -UV Lamp turns off as window opens
        -Emergency stop button
      • -Air&Gas Port