Temp Control Chamber

    • Product : Climate Chamber

      Model : SH-CH-288U2

    • 강력한 Cool Down 기능
      우수한 온도 정밀도와 분포도
      무결로 관측창 장착
      강력한 Interface 기능
      다양한 운전 화면 제공
      SD Card 장착으로 실시간 Data 저장기능
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    • Model SH-CH-288U2
      Temp Range -50°C ~ 120°C(-58°F~248°F)
      Capacity 288 L
      Temp Accuracy & Stability ±0.1℃
      Heater Capacity 4 KW
      Temp Uniformity ±0.5℃
      Temp Controller Microprocess Prgrammable Controller Touch Screen Type
      Cool Down Time 23℃ ~ -40℃ about 40min
      Heating up Time -40℃ ~ 100℃ about 40min
      Dimension Internal (WxDxH) 600×600×800(mm)
      Dimension External (WxDxH) 1020x1095x1755(mm)
      Weight 350 Kg
      Material Internal Stainless Steel
      Material External Steel Plate with Powder Heating Coated
      Shelves Movable stainless wire shelves 2 Supplied (24 Maximum)
      Electrical Requirements 230V ,50/60Hz, 1Φ 23.2 A
      Electrical Requirements 230V,50/60Hz, 3Φ N/A
      • -Automatic reset function incoming power cut
        -Over temp protection
        -Electric leakage breaker
        -Door open lamp display
        -Fan motor over load protection
        -Refrigerator over load protection
      • -Digital recorder
        -2CH Hybrid recorder
        -Max temperature 150°C