Multi Modes Nutating Mixer

    • Product : Multi Modes Nutating Mixer

      Model : NS-13U

    • 왕복 회전 : 0 ° ~ 360 ° 선회 각도
      콜드룸 및 인큐베이터에서 사용 가능
      자동 오프 기능
      시각적 알람 기능
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    • Speed Range 5~100rpm
      Speed Accuracy 1rpm
      Turning Angle(reciprocal mode) 0~360°
      Turning Angle(vibration mode) 0~5°
      Tilt Angle
      Orbit Diameter 23mm
      Timer (orbital/360° vertical or reciprocal mode) 0~250 sec
      Timer (vibration mode) 0~5 sec
      Time of cycles 0~250sec
      Ambient 5°C~40°C
      Platform Dimensions 327x289x22mm
      Display LED
      Outside Dimensions(WxDxH) 440x296x243mm
      Max. Load 1 kg
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      Weight 7.1 kg