Mini Centrifuge

    • Product : Mini Centrifuge

      Model : MLX-200F

    • 현대적인 디자인
      전환 가능한 듀얼 스피드 : 6000 , 9200rpm
      멀티 로터
      3 가지 작동 모드 선택 가능
      안전한 작동을위한 자동 잠금 장치
      광범위한 전압 범위 (100-240 VAC)
      장치가 작동 중일 때 컬러 LED링이 켜짐
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    • Rotating Speed 6000rpm , 9200rpm
      Rotor/G-force(RCF) 5ml : 2414g(6000rpm),5677g(9200rpm)
      1.5ml: 2012g(6000rpm),4731g(9200rpm)
      2.0ml: 1509g(6000rpm),3549g(9200rpm)
      Noise Level ≤60dB
      Safety Features Stop at Opening
      Ambient 5°C~40°C
      Relative Humidity ≤80%
      Outside Dimensions(WxDxH) 187x240x139mm
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      Weight 1.8 kg
      Operation Mode Touch control or continuous or timer (0~15minute
      LED Color Selection Green, Blue, Red or Off
      Rotators in Standard Package 4x5ml/8x1.5ml/16x0.2ml(0.2ml 8-Place PCR Strip Rotator)