Bench Top Roller Culture Apparatus

    • Product : Bench Top Roller Culture Apparatus

      Model : CGI-06-F

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    • Cell Culture Method Monolayer Cultures
      Bottle Rotation Speed 3~60r/h(Φ110mm Bottle)
      Rotation Mode Clockwise/Counter Clockwise Alternating Rotation(100~1800)
      Acceptable Bottle Size Φ100mm~Φ113mm, L≤285mm Standard Bottle:Φ110mm, L=285mm(1500ml)
      Bottle Positions per Deck 3
      Bottle Positions 6
      Material Aluminum
      Digital Control Display Speed/Angle/Time
      Fuse 4A250V
      Communication RS 485
      Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) 450x360x431.5mm
      Max.Load 10 kg
      Environmental Temp. 5°C~70°C
      Relative Humidity <90%
      Power 70W
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      Weight 22 kg