Orbit Shaker

    • Product : Orbit Shaker

      Model : SYC-2102

    • 디지털 제어 및 LED 디스플레이
      낮은 소음
      정전시 자동 복구
      미끄럼 방지 매트
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    • Rotation Method Circular Orbit, 26mm dia.
      Speed 30~300rpm
      Time Range 0~99 hours(0 represents no setting, run continuously)
      Platform Dimensions 400x400mm
      Capacity 1000mlx6/2000mlx4
      Max. Workload 10 kg
      Outside Dimensions (WxDxH) 432x535x190mm
      Relative Humidity <80%
      Ambient 5°C~40°C
      Max. Power Consumption 85 W
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      Weight 38 kg