Chest-Type Incubator Shaker

    • Product : Chest-Type Incubator Shakers

      Model : IS-RSH2

    • 5L * 6ea Flask 까지 운전가능
      실험실에 최적화된 사이즈
      Wide Windows 로 넓은 시야 확보
      강력한 진탕모타와 안정적인 운전
      저소음 설계
      6step(Temp/RPM/Speed) Programing Control 가능
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    • Product Name High Profile Chest-type Incubator Shaker
      Speed   0rpm, 30~300rpm
      Speed Precision ±1rpm
      Orbit Diameter Φ26mm
      Maximum Capacity 50mlx120/100mlx60/ 150mlx58/200mlx58/ 250mlx58/500mlx35/ 1000mlx18/2000mlx14/ 3000mlx8/5000mlx6
      Flask Clamps in Standard Package 500mlx28
      Platform Dimensions 910mmx510mm
      Number of Platforms 1Piece / Accessories available
      Temp. Range Ambient+5°C~60°C
      Temp. Sensitivity 0.1°C
      Temp. Uniformity ±0.5°C(@37°C)
      Automatical Defrost N/A
      Display LCD
      Timer 0~999 Hours
      Outside Dimensions 1200x700x960mm
      Inside Dimensions 960x560x420mm
      Power <1000W
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      Weight 230 kg