• Product : Freezer

      Model : SH-DF398S

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    • Model SH-DF398S
      Capacity(L) 398L
      2 inch Box 25 ea x 12 racks
      3 inch Box 20 ea x 9 racks
      Total(2 inch Box) 300 ea
      Insulation 155 mm foaming insulation with VIP+
      Dimension External (W×D×H ) 785x1041x1947(mm)
      30.90x41.02x76.65 (inch)
      Dimension Internal (W×D×H ) 440x696x1266(mm)
      17.32x27.40x49.84 (inch)
      Input power 1050W
      Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
      • Chart recorder
        CO2 back up system
        Silding Rack & 2"(3") Boxes